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We are the first socio-political media in Ukraine in the format of solution journalism. We provide information for over 3 million readers monthly.

Who reads Rubryka?

Over 3 million website visits per month

60% жінки
40% чоловіки


Most readers are over 25 years old
7 %
22 %
25 %
17 %
18 %
11 %


60% mobile
37% desktop
3% tablets


Readers of Rubryka are mostly residents of large and medium-sized cities

9% Lviv
30% Kyiv
7% Kharkiv
9% Dnipro
5% Odesa

Rubryka on social media

Over 50 thousand subscribers on the Rubryka accounts

Over 40 thousand subscribers on the channels of special projects

Rubryka offers

  • Placement of PR-publications, banners, branding
  • Creation of native materials by our journalists
    • Your product or project is a solution for our readers
    • We provide: idea of a format meeting your needs, realization (writing, shooting, design), the publication and promotion
    • We may become partners for one material, or we can do a series of articles and create a communication campaign

We will find a format meeting your needs

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