5 sep, 12:37

Esculab Laboratory offers blood testing for donations to support Ukrainian soldiers

2 sep, 15:21

Kyiv Heart Institute surgeons perform unique operation, implanting prosthesis through subclavian artery

31 aug, 16:58

Ukrainian SoftServe and Superhumans companies launch US-backed mission to provide prosthetics to military and civilians

30 aug, 13:20

Ukraine's Zhytomyr region opens childcare training center for nurses and parents

25 aug, 16:05

Caritas charitable fund and Swiss Embassy open supported accommodation house for young people with disabilities in Lviv region

24 aug, 11:00

American surgeons will perform free plastic surgery on Ukrainian soldiers

22 aug, 16:15

Ukraine to create mixed medical commissions to facilitate prisoner exchange

21 aug, 23:04

Ukraine: 15,000 school psychologists trained by UNESCO to support learners and teachers

18 aug, 15:30

59,000 Ukrainians have reached out to Ministry of Social Policy for prosthetic help in six months

7 aug, 15:25

Italy starts medical care project to provide prosthetics treatment to war-affected Ukrainians

5 aug, 16:23

Ukraine sends 33 more wounded civilians for treatment and rehabilitation to Austria and Lithuania

4 aug, 11:59

Ukraine's western Ivano-Frankivsk region opens new rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers

3 aug, 13:26

United to win: Canada sends Ukraine portable systems for stabilizing seriously wounded

1 aug, 17:55

Over 750 medical institutions have been restored after Russia's attacks – Ukraine's PM

30 jul, 21:17

Solutions from Ukraine: Bucha introduces drone delivery of medicine to medical institutions

25 jul, 12:00

Ukrainian fund Tabletochki initiates fundraiser to provide children with cancer with free blood tests for 2023

22 jul, 11:08

Estonia and BGV Charity Fund to create rehabilitation center for war victims In Zhytomyr region

21 jul, 15:05

Ukrainian medics receive 40 ambulances via United24

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