25 aug, 16:27

Ukrainian Institute introduces English-language platform dedicated to Ukrainian culture

3 aug, 19:53

Russia damaged Odesa's 55 cultural heritage sites in July – Ukrainian Heritage Monitoring Lab

Explain Ukraine
3 aug, 16:07

Cultural looting: uncovering Russia's attempts to erase Ukrainian identity

30 jul, 17:25

Ukraine adds Bukovyna ceremonial wreath to cultural heritage

Photos, video
29 jul, 15:20

UNESCO mission arrives in Odesa to assess damage from Russian attacks on cultural monuments

28 jul, 15:54

Germany supports Ukrainian book market with new €900,000 program

26 jul, 13:56

Original, but unprotected: how Ukraine destroys and preserves mosaic panels of the Soviet period

24 jul, 14:51

UNESCO mission to visit Odesa to evaluate damage to cultural heritage sites after Russian rockets attacks

22 jul, 15:01

UNESCO condemns Russia's shelling of world heritage sites in Odesa

22 jul, 13:12

Projector Institute students support Lviv Municipal Art Center, creating digital clothes collection

20 jul, 17:47

Solutions from Ukraine: Okhmatdyt Hospital introduces music therapy program to restore child's psychological state in war conditions

19 jul, 16:19

Russian army damages 664 sites of Ukrainian cultural heritage – Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

17 jul, 11:40

"Mavka" and "Pamfir": Streaming platforms to watch Ukrainian movies legally

Special project
14 jul, 16:33

Music that unites: patrons from Germany and Ukraine revive Bucha School of Arts

13 jul, 11:59

Digital reconstruction: how can modern technologies help preserve architectural heritage?

9 jul, 19:12

Goethe-Institut NGO offers €25,000 grant opportunities for Ukrainian cultural projects

5 jul, 15:09

Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv holds free theatrical performances for displaced children

4 jul, 09:12

A completely renewed facade of the art school, made with the funds of German benefactors, was presented in Bucha

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