6 sep, 16:18

AI-based Lookout app for visually impaired now available in Ukrainian

6 sep, 15:18

Solutions to win: Ukrainian student launches bot to intercept Russia's combat aircraft frequencies

6 sep, 13:17

Human rights activists propose bills to help people in de-occupied territories rejoin Ukrainian society

6 sep, 11:47

New survey reveals what challenges and obstacles Ukrainian women entrepreneurs face during war

5 sep, 16:02

New housing for IDPs: communal buildings are transformed into eco-friendly multi-apartment buildings

5 sep, 15:58

Ukrainian startup teaches AI to recognize endangered Crimean Tatar language

5 sep, 15:38

Ukraine incurs $1.5 bln loss and faces desertification of south due to shallowing of Kakhovka Reservoir

5 sep, 14:53

Solutions to win: Ukrainian firm presents modification of its armored vehicle "Novator" in Poland

5 sep, 13:16

Over 20,000 Ukrainians have undergone at least one amputation since the beginning of Russia's full-scale war

5 sep, 12:37

Esculab Laboratory offers blood testing for donations to support Ukrainian soldiers

5 sep, 10:40

Solutions to win: Frontline.Care volunteers release comics to fund drones for Ukrainian army

4 sep, 16:10

Solutions to win: Lviv students learn to fly drones in schools

4 sep, 14:55

British actor and writer Stephen Fry arrives in Kyiv to host Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen

3 sep, 14:25

Solutions from Ukraine: creative agency and historian join forces to popularize Ukraine's history with interactive Histogram website

3 sep, 10:47

Solutions to win: Ukrainian border guards receive 50 US-made armored personnel carriers

3 sep, 09:25

Mental de-occupation of Crimea may take up to 10 years or a generation – office of president's representative in Crimea

2 sep, 18:26

Sabre fencer Kharlan's Barbie and Etnodim's embroidered towels to support Ukraine's armed forces: five leading solutions of the week

2 sep, 13:21

Ukrainian Catholic University launches Crimean Tatar language course to raise awareness of indigenous people

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